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Acupuncture point injection therapy is a method of injecting Chinese herbs, vitamins, and ultra-high diluted medicinal plant and minerals  in specific acupuncture points to help heal the body on a deeper level. This combines Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern modalities of healing and solutions may be injected in local painful areas such as trigger points, or in strategically chosen acupuncture points for a more systemic, overall wellness effect. AIT can be very beneficial for those with chronic pain conditions, painful trigger points in muscles, fatigue syndromes, mental and emotional distress and weight loss.

Also known as ‘biopuncture’, this therapy was introduced into mainstream media by Dr. Oz when he featured it on his show in both 2011 and 2014 as a way to help treat pain and inflammatory conditions. You can read more about AIT by clicking the link below.

To use AIT as a therapy, licensed Acupuncture Physicians must complete an additional 60 hours of academic and clinical training beyond their traditional education to become certified in this technique. 

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