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Support your body's unique ability to heal and replenish itself with Traditional Chinese Medicine


Initial Evaluation & Treatment

$125 | 70 min

For New Patients or Returning Patients who haven't been seen in 12 months

Follow-Up Treatment

$90 | 45 min

For Returning Patients (Needles Only)

$110 | 45 min

Needles + muscle relaxation with Traditional Chinese Fire Cupping

Follow-Up Treatment 

+ Cupping


$120 | 45 min

Needles + Injection of Ultra-High Dilution Plants, Minerals and Vitamins to specifically chosen acupuncture points to aid in healing

Follow-Up Treatment

+ AcuPoint Injection


8 Treatment Package


$20.00 savings. Includes cupping at no extra charge. Does not include initial visit.

Marble Texture


Living Wellness Acupuncture is not contracted with any insurance companies and is considered an Out of Network Provider. All payment is due at time of service. Upon request, a superbill will be provided to patients to submit to insurance for any direct reimbursement.

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